Avatar - a legendary movie IP, once popular all over the world, will now detonate the BlockChain (BSC).

Welcome to Avatar

This is a High Quality Project

Thanks to the project of Avatar, we map the movie to the blockchain. The project has received investment from top communities and is operated by a well-known team. It is a very worthwhile investment project.

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A high quality project listed on BSC.

Avatar moved from film to encryption market, making the Binance Smart Chain a Pandora. We will eventually find valuable superconducting ore in Pandora through Avatar. Let's open Pandora's magic box together and finally move towards the future of wealth and freedom.

  • The most emotional project in BSC
  • Hundreds of large telegram groups pin
  • Top community investment
Marvel project

The Ecosystem of Avatar

We have a clear plan for Avatar


Avatar is a project of movie IP shining into the blockchain, which is developed and deployed in BSC by a professional technical team.

Token Info

The symbol of this token is Avatar, and the decimals is 9. The total supply of $Avatar is 50,000,000,000.

Transaction Fee

The transaction fee of Avatar is 3%, which including 2% for marketing, 1% for returning to the liquidity pool.


Avatar will soon burn the authority of the smart contract after it is listed on PancakeSwap to ensure the security.

Marvel project


The token distribution of Avatar.

Marvel project

The Great Team and its Organizations

Great Team

This team is a professional encryption project organization, and they have a high reputation in the market.

Core Values

In the past, the projects have been well done, which has brought a lot of benefits to investors.

Strong Community

The team's community covers all the encryption market, and has reached cooperation with many information platforms.

Fission Effect

The team has a high reputation, and the projects they publish will be highly praised and recommended.

Marvel project

Jointly Create Brilliance

Through the accumulation of several projects, our team has become famous in the encryption market and has been sought after by a large group of people. We are a valuable team, and we will never ignore investors for the benefit of the team.

For this Avatar project, we continue our good practices. We hope to create an extraordinary project with the majority of investors and move to the peak from then on. Finally, the film will be perfectly mapped into the blockchain, opening Pandora's box.

  • Win win together
  • Become mainstream
  • Creation myth
Development plan

The Roadmap of Avatar

Marvel project

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